The power of
true automation

More insight. More control. More precision.

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Delivering true automation means implementing technology that gathers, interprets and acts on data in real time – all without human intervention. Through Select Energy’s WaterONE services, that true automation is possible. From sourcing to reuse and every critical step in between, full automation provides oil and gas customers with ultimate control over their water management operations – improving safety, efficiency and time.

The next evolution of water management is here with full automation. Select Energy Services is leading the way.

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Intelligent Efficiency

Automated operations increase efficiency across the water transfer line. Our WaterOne Automated Pumps help improve safety by reducing the risk of pressure spikes while also increasing fuel efficiency.

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Powered by AquaView™

Login to view up to the minute data on your water assets now with native mobile app support.

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Increase Safety with Automation

Greater knowledge and greater control mean greater safety for employees and the environment in which you operate.

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Tech & Equipment

Deploy next generation technology and equipment capable of responding autonomously, in real time to meet the needs of your operations – adjusting flow rates, fluid levels, capacities and much more.

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Automated Proportioning System

Combine produced water and fresh water streams with optimal chemistry... Download PDF
Automated Proportioning System PDF

Automated Manifold

Streamline on-site water management during high intensity frac operations with... Download PDF
Automated Manifold PDF

Automated Pumps

Proprietary pump technology that streamlines the monitoring and control of... Download PDF
Automated Pumps PDF

Digital Monitoring & Surveys

Gain visibility to efficiently and cost-effective management water resources with... Download PDF
Digital Monitoring & Surveys PDF

AquaView Features

Download the AquaView app today for visibility into oilfield water... Download PDF
AquaView Features PDF